The Boutique Bar Show, Andrew Scutts interview

Hi Andrew, first could you tell us what is your background in the industry, and where the Boutique Bar Show is from?

It all started selling pints at the Universitu Halls of Residence bar and went from there. A goos industry to ravel with a really got into the "industry" when I returned from travelling and got the opportunity to work at the MintLeaf Restaurant and Bar. After a couple of years I wanted my weekends back and started working as a brand ambassodor for Blackwoods Gin showcasing smaller brands but from a bar tender point of view these were the products that made a show interesting. For this reason I set up Boutique Bar Show, all brands are given equal space and people can focus on what's in the bottle and not how flashy your stand looks

Which novelties the visitors will find this year at Boutique Bar Show?

We have a number of new products launches which people may not com across before. There is also the range of talks - we are trying to showcase some of the categories that are often overlooked at other shows - Sheery, Armagnac, etc...

We saw the past years an incredible coming back of old forgotten liqueurs, bitters, vintage cocktails will the trend carry on this year?

I think the trend is still going in this direction with people looking for brands and drinks with history and a storyto tell. With a lot of the classic cocktails being revisited our Sherry talk could be particularly interesting in this respect.

Will Tequilas and Gins remain the most popular spririts in the London bar scene this year?

I think Rum is working vey hard this year with the support of WIRSPA and the amount of time they have spent on education and awareness. Although perhaps not the wide range of active brands that you might see in Gin, Rum is definitely pushing hard this year which is reflected in the amazing sucess of the Rum Fest

You are a fine gourmet regarding French Spirits... Could you tell us what is the market position of them in the London bar scene?

I think France offers a huge array of quality products strongly linked to particular geographical regions and that generally form a strong part of the culture and local identity. I think with the heavily saturated London drinks market a number of these brands can offer an interesting alternative to some of the more traditional products but they will always play a minor role for many of the London bars

Who is for you the most influencial figure of the bar industry in London, and which venues led the bar scene today?

The most influential is probably Simon Difford as he is the most opinionted and witha platform to express his view and so has huge influence over the industry. I term of setting trends it was interesting to see the effect Nick Strangeways had on the bars with his return to the punch bowls and classics which I am now starting to see across the capital

What is your point of view about Spirits against Cocktails?

Spirits need to be apreciated more like fine wines and I believe drinking to learn about a spririt must be the direction that the government should be supporting the industries move toward quality over quantity. Cocktails for me can reflect a feeling, time, sense of occasion or any number of things and so is greater than just the sum of it's ingredients

What are your Boutique Bar Show expectations?

Great brands, quality speakers and a good time had by all!

What are your plans for the future of Boutique Bar Show?

World domination! Failing that another one year keeping true to our ethos of quality brands on every stand

If we have the chance to welcome you, which drink we have to handle perfectly to satisfy your palate?

It all depends on time day, and mood - as long as it's not full of sugar I'll probably be a happy man

Thanks Andrews Scutts for the time you devoted to us
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