Beefeater 24 (45% vol.)

The Manor of Kynning-Tun (Kennington in London) introduces the Beefeater Premium Gin in November 2008
Beefeater drew in the roots of the Burrough familly tea trade to created the recipe

As James Burrough's father was a famous tea and liquor merchant, the Beefeater's master blender of today got the idea to include 2 teas and 1 more agrume flavour to the 9 Beefeater's commons botanicals.

The elaboration stay mainly the same as Beefeater, however the 3 following ingredients enter his the new recipe

Grapefruit peel, Japanese Sencha tea and Chinese Green tea

Desmond Payne, the Master distiller of Beefeater admiring the Japanese Sencha, and the green tea from China

The botanicals are steeped in neutral spirit for 24h in a pot still, then the 12 ingredients are distillated for 7hours
Only 75% of the total distillat is collected, after the cut, heads and tails, representing 35% are sold for a french perfume company
Before the bottling the alcoholic degree is decreased until 45%

24 Martini from Dan Warner Beefeater Brand Ambassador
60ml of Beefeater 24
20ml of Lillet blanc
3dashes of Regan's orange bitter no'6
Stir all the ingredients pour in a chilled coupette, garnish with a grapefruit twist