Milroy's of Soho Award Winning Whiskies

A cold wenesday of January in Soho, couldn't finish without a Single Malt, Grain whisky and Bourbon tasting in Greek Street, where as usual the professional team welcomed us with the warmth we all know.

The following spirits were awarded by competitions judges including
Malt Maniacs
International Spirit Challenge 2008
Malt Advocate Magazine Awards 2008
IWSC 2008
The Whisky Magazine World Whiskies Award 2008
San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2008
Jim Murray's Award Winner

award "Microdistillery Whisky of the Year 2008" by Malt Advocate
Penderyn distillery is one of the smallest distillery in the world, and the Only distillery in Wales.

It named after the welsh village where it's located, which is surrounding by the Brecon Beacons montain.

After one day of labour the unique copper pot still distillery produce 2 barrels of Spirit representing only 1000 bottles.

Penderyn ID card
Single Malt from Wales
aged between 6-8 years old
Maturated in Bourbon cask from Heaven Williams and Buffalo Trace distilleries, then finished in Madeira Cask
46% vol

Milroy's of Soho Single Cask Cooley Grain 1991
Bronze medal - Malt Maniac 2008
World Wiskey Distillery Award 2008 - Malt Maniacs

The converted potatoes alcohol plant, situated in the Cooley' Peninsula on the Ireland 's East coast, was bought in 1987 by the company founded by John Telling, and converted in a splendid whisky distillery.

The tripple distillation made famous in Ireland isn't the process used in the Cooley distillery, this single grain whisky distilled in 1991 is distilled in continuous in a copper Pot still.

Afterward the 94.6% vol. spirit is moved to Locke's Distillery in Kilbeggan for the ageing process in First Fill Bourbon Cask during 16years

Cooley Grain 1991 ID card
Single Grain Whisky from Ireland
Aged for 16years
Matured in Bourbon Cask and bottled from an unique barrel
46% vol.

Amrut Cask strength
lver Medal - Malt Maniacs 2008

Silver Best in Class - IWSC 2008
Amrut is actually the only Indian single Malt. The barley used for the elaboration is growing at the feet of the Himalaya montains in India. Shri J.N Radhakrishna is the founder of the present distillery, now his son, Shri Neelakanta Rao took over the company, and offer 3 official bottlings.

The Indian tropical conditions make the ageing process faster and bad value for money. Due to the high temperatures, the evaporation phenomenon raise dangerously, meanwhile the ABV degree stay high. Is for this reason teh Amrut isn't aged for long to avoid an importante loss of liquid.

After the ageing the Amrut whisky isn't dilluated with water and offer a 61,9% vol.

Amrut Cask Strength ID Card
Single Malt from Bangalore in India

Aged for over 3 years due to the legislation


This is London!
So many icons surround the English capital, and Beefeater is among thoses and remind the most symbolic London spirit.

Its specific square shape embellished with the famous Yeomen Warder of Tower of London has been offering London dry Gin since the 1870's from a recipe imagined it the 1860's onward

James Burrough's company
After few years in the America perfecting his skills and knowledge about chemistry and pharmacy, James Burrough decided to run his own business of cordials, liqueurs, orange bitter, curaƧao and many other.
In 1863 he bought for £400 the firm of John Taylor dating back 1820, located in Cale Street in Chelsea area.

Then, after many improvements and extentions due to a growing business and a wild range of brands, the James Burrough Ltd. decided to relocated his distillery in Lambeth 26 Hutton Road in 1908. The distillery is named after the original premise in Cale Street.

London's icon
Beefeater Gin is named after the majesty guards at the Tower of London, who are still present and make the Londonners' pride. Their main roles are to guard the crown jewels, protect and attend the Queen during ceremonies.
Beefeater is just a nickname for the guards wich the full name is "Yeoman Warders of Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London and Member of the Sovereign's Body Guard of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary".
Effectively the nickname Beefeater is from the special diet, including veal, beef, mutton, they used to enjoy when the meet was a luxury.
The French version affirms the name is from the Buffetier, who were the French palaces guardians in the previous centuries.

The Beefeater drawing on the bottle of the London Dry gin wear the scarlet and gold uniform usually dedicated to the ceremonies whereas the everyday tunic is red and navy blue.

Negroni by Culturebar
Created in Florence's Casoni Bar in Italie
Named after Don Camillo Negroni who asked his Americano with gin instead of soda
Built over ice cube but suggest the Cuban Roll or The Throwing, thought to be created in Boadas, and perfectely improved at Dry Martini in Barcelona to match the perfect temperature, and usually garnish with orange slice
25ml of Beefeater Gin
25ml of Carpano Punt E Mes
25ml of Campari
Garnish with an Orange slice