Salvatore@Fifty closure

Today I will share a real heartbreak new

Despite a magic venue and a wonderful passionate bar team leading by the Maestro himself, The Slavatore @ Fifty shuted his doors

The bar was a private venue but where Salvatore and his team offered a delicate and warm atmosphere, after a enthusiast welcome, we didn't enter in a bar but in his bar... Salvatore hosted you in his home, and he made you feel special

My palate will not forget his Breakfast Martini. We were back in the childhood in front of the vintage rare bottles display. A Maker's Mark dedicated to the Maestro was standing next to a pre-Revolution Cognac.

The Salvatore printed glass offered cocktails perfectly made and balanced.

The Italian bartender started in Duke's Hotel then The Library bar opened his doors to Salvatore Calabrese. During this period and far after he will be awarded several times.

In 1992 Salvatore was awarded the Chevalier du Champagne, and in 1993 he was awarded the prestigious Chevalier du Cognac.

Class Magazine warded the Salvatore@Fifty, Best New Bar in 2005, Bar of the Year and Best Cocktail Offering for 2006. The awards didn't stop to be attributed, most recently the team was awarded Best Bar Team and Bartender of the Year.

We send you our regards for this difficult moment.