Grand Marnier

1827 The Birth
Jean Baptiste Lapostolle set up his distillery in Neauphle le Chateau. He specialised in fine fruits liqueur production

Jean Baptiste Lapostolle's grand daughter married Louis Alexandre Marnier, from a Sancerre winegrower

Louis Alexandre Lapostolle got the idea to blend Cognac and distilled essence from a rare Caraibean orange and sugar. He christened the potion "Curacao Marnier". Meanwhile the trend was to call everything "petit". Many "Petit Bouchon", "Petit Bistrot", "Petit Café" saw the birth a this period, a famous french caterer named César Ritz, closed friend of the familly, tasted the liqueur and suggested to bless it "Grand Marnier"

Escoffier created the mouth watering Grand Marnier crêpes Suzette and The Soufflé au Grand Marnier that will became later unmissable dessert

Louis Alexandre Lapostolle became owner of the Chateau De Bourg in Charente area, located between the Grande and Petite Champagne. The Cognacs are made, selected, aged and carefully blended in the heart of this propriety
Louis Alexandre created the Cuvée Centenaire for the Lapostolle 100th anniversary. This Cuvée was reserved exclusively for the close relative of the Lapostolle familly . Then the public discovered this potion in Villa des Cèdres located in the French Riviera
The Grand Marnier became widely famous after the bartender Arthur A.Tarling, propose the liqueur in a London bartender competition. The Red Lion was born

Creation of the Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire by Jacque Marnier Lapostolle for the 150th celebration of Lapostolle company

1998 is dedicated to the Louis Alexandre Lapostolle's memory. His ritual of adding an extra measure of cognac in his Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge result to the Cuvée Louis Alexandre. The proportion of the cognac rised in the blending

Queen Elizabeth II, queen of England received a special cuvée for her 80th birthday

Grand Marnier Cordon rouge 40% vol.
Original liqueur from Marnier Lapostolle Company the flagship, named at its birth Curacao Marnier, was created in 1880. Then the caterer Cesar Ritz, a close friend of the family suggested to christen the elixir “Grand Marnier” while the adjective “petit” was the common trend. Many collectible bottles are available covering differents theme

Secret Concoction
Blend of bitter Citrus Bigaradia spirit and Grande and Petite Champagne Cognac aged at least for 3 years in Château de Bourg in the Charente area
The amber colour is due to 6 months of maturation in French oak barrels.
The authentic red ruban which embellished the pot still shape bottle was ties by women and measure 27cm.

Grand Marnier Centenaire 40% vol.
Created in 1927 by Louis Alexandre Marnier to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Marnier Lapostolle Company. Grand Marnier Centenaire was reserved for the close relatives for many years, then the first public appearance took place in the Villa Des Cèdres on the French Riviera, owned by the Belgium King Léopold 2.

Secret Concoction
Union of Citrus Bigaradia and Grande and Petite Champagne Cognac aged from 6 to 12 years in Château de Bourg in Charente area, the secret of its mellowness would come from some Cognac are aged over 25years.
After 2 years in French oak barrels the this Cuvée offer you a combination of woodiness and soft dries fruits over ginger bread flavour.

Grand Marnier Cuvée Cent Cinquantenaire
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Marnier Lapostolle company Jacques Marnier-Lapostolle had the idea to create this spirit in 1977. Like the previous one the delicious recipe hos been kept secret and enjoyed by the close relatives of the family for years, now Grand Marnier Cuvée Cent-Cinquantenaire in available is small quantity.

Secret Concoction
Citrus-Bigaradia is married to Petite Champagne Cognac, aged from 15 to 30 years in Château de Bourg in Charente area, some would have been aged for 50 years.

3 years in oak barrel will provide to liqueur the requisite time to mellow the whole beverage
The long maturation of the Cognac combined to a rest in oak wood barrel offer a perfect spirit full of old Cognac aromas, the hint of cinnamon, tangerine and vanilla charm your palate and leave you a long and pleasant flavour to your senses

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